Advanced Personal Power Exercise

Advanced Personal Power Exercise

In the Path Within chapter “Connecting With Our Personal Power,” I describe an exercise that has helped my clients experientially feel their personal power. Many people are in a battle between thought and feeling. Often thought simple overrides feeling, as the mind is quicker to make assumptions than the heart. The mind pays little attention to the senses as it creates shortcuts or assumptions to “save time and effort,” unfortunately this sabotages our ability to feel our deepest and most authentic power.

The “Connecting With Our Personal Power”exercise is a great way to befriend our personal power and use it to create authentic relationships with the world around us.

I have taken this information and published it separately from the book to ensure the greatest success with this multi-tiered exercise. In my experience with clients I have found that learning the second part of the exercise too soon may cause them to struggle to make that deep connection within and use their personal power as a creative force in their lives. I have found that practicing the “Connecting With Our Personal Power”exercise twice a day for approximately two weeks is the minimum time you need before moving to the advanced personal power exercise. Just having the knowledge of how we will utilize this advanced method in our lives seems to be enough for our clever brains to shortcut the practice time, peek at the next stage and thus sabotage our ability to really practice and feel our power.

So, now that you have spent some time working with the preliminary “Connecting With Our Personal Power” exercise and you are familiar with connecting to your Spirit Guide, here is the simple yet powerful advanced version of the “Connecting With Our PersonalPower”exercise:

In the beginning, you may still want to start by standing in front of a mirror, but very soon you can simply close your eyes and create a connection with yourself without distractions.

Feeling perfectly balanced is very beneficial, so begin with this posture exercise if you are able: Stand upright in front of a mirror, feet approximately shoulder width apart. Rock your body forwards and backwards until you feel even pressure on the balls and heels of the feet. Sway a little side to side to feel equal pressure on the left and right foot. Raise your head up to become slightly taller, then roll both your shoulders in unison by raising them up in the front and lowering them in the back and relaxing your spine as your shoulders relax down. Roll your head clockwise, then anti-clockwise and find the perfect balance for your head. You will feel as if your head is lighter when it is perfectly balanced. Verify your head tilt in the mirror.

Now, connect with your Spirit Guide by simply locating him or her in your vicinity and acknowledging that presence.

This is the time to bring a question to mind that can be answered with Yes or No. Let your question be guided by the presence of your Spirit Guide. Personally I like to use the following question often: “Am I living my life to the best of my ability?” followed by “Am I living my life to my highest purpose?”. Both questions can be answered with Yes or No and I suspend my thought-based answers for now. Instead I do my advanced personal power exercise.

When I am in a moment, where I stand before a question which may change the course of my life significantly, I use the following question: “Do I need to do this, right now?” – meaning “do I need to continue to do what I’m doing or about to do, from this moment forward?” – I sometimes surprise myself with the answer that comes from doing the advanced personal power exercise with this question in it.

Then practice the grounding and centering meditation:

Imagine rods of steel, from your legs and feet, burrowing down into the ground. Finding the centre of the earth. As they go down, you feel taller and straighter. Anchor the rods into the roots of the earth. Feel the strength and power that you experience.

As you feel taller and stronger, you become aware of a light above you. A big white ball of light swirling in a vortex – a wide vortex of energy and light. You can feel how the light lifts you up into the heavens and comes down to meet you in a swirling energy of power and light. Allow yourself to absorb this energy now, concentrating on the very entrance point, just above your head. Coming into your body and centering into the very core of your being.

Now let the two energies from the earth below and from the light above come together into a strong and balanced centre in your chest. In your heart. Let the swirling energy of the light emerge into a warm and strong feeling in a wide swirl of energy around you. Let that energy surround you – your entire being. So much energy. So much strength. You feel the strength, energy and light entering your being, moving inside you and protecting you. Creating balance and harmony from within.

The next part of this exercise is the dialogue with yourself. Allow yourself to immerse in the exercise and above all, keep an open mind by allowing yourself to be surprised by the resulting answer. As you talk to yourself, listen as if you are hearing a person who has your best interests at heart, has gone through what you’ve gone through, and truly understands you and what you need. When possible, speak out loud – this can make this exercise more powerful and effective for you.

Ask the following questions in a firm way. Then answer the questions honestly, from the deepest truth you hold within you.

Ask yourself: “What is your name?” (and listen to these words at the same time)
Answer: “My name is: ____________________” (speak your name)

Then ask: “Who owns your power?”
And answer from deep within your gut: “I, own my power”

At this point, reconfirm your connection with your Spirit Guide and command (from yourself): “Do I need to do this, right now?”
The answer will be either “Yes” or “No”

When you answer “Yes” you step strongly forward with your dominant foot. When you answer “No”, you step strongly backwards with your dominant foot.

When the answer is “Yes” you can confidently continue. If however, the answer is “No” continue the exercise by asking yourself: “What would someone who loves themselves do instead?” Allow yourself to be surprised by the first answer that emerges into your consciousness.

Why Do This Exercise?

Life changes over time, but life’s direction changes in an instant. The ability to make immediate choices that allow us to embrace opportunity and ward off impediment can be critical to our ability to live the lives we want.

Practicing the connection to our core being, our higher purpose, and our personal power as decision makers gives us the skills to make timely decisions in the moments that matter in our lives. Combining our decision making skills with minds focused on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, allows us to recognise opportunity as it appears in our lives. Being prepared to experience what we want in our lives allows us to choose and react quickly and efficiently in ways that serve us. Don’t lose another opportunity because you were not prepared to make a decision.

Download the audio version of this exercise from this link