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Anthony SantenAnthony Santen SAC Dip(adv. Psych.) MCH, CLC, NLP is an award winning author, counselor, life coach, and transformational hypnotist.

Through many years of working with individuals and couples, he has developed a structured method to facilitate and empower his clients to grow and transform, that goes beyond conventional psychotherapy, known as The Path Within® program.

His techniques focus on fostering collaboration and inclusivity while exploring the root causes of personal challenges, inspiring spiritual growth and celebrating the unique gifts within ourselves that facilitate our mental health and harmony.

Anthony lives, practices, and teaches in Toronto, Canada.

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    • Absolutely!\nRight now the electronic copy is FREE OF CHARGE until March 8th. Just purchase it from the Kindle Store! It sells for $0.00\nLeave a comment to let us know how you liked it.

      • Thank you a lot! I just noticed your kind response. I’ve been told that the Kindle offer is only in the U.S., while I’m sending from Canada. However, I guess it worked well 10 min ago via website. This is the first time I use Kindle, and I’m not familiar yet with the “Kindle Cloud Reader” and how to open the book again, but I’ll cover that little obstacle today.
        Thank you again, Mr. Anthony Santen, for your amazing efforts.

      • You can download the Kindle to a PC or Mac or iPad for free also. Then read your book without an internet connection (it will download into your Kindle Software) – the cloud reader works also.\nI hope you enjoy the book. Please keep me updated about your progress.

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