The Book

Benjamin Franklin Book Awards: Silver Medal Winner

This well written book makes great sense out of life for the reader going through difficult times. There is a lot of professional backing here, and it was a hard book to put down. It’s an excellent example of self-help and gives a new perspective on how to push oneself out of depression.

Delve into the fundamentals of how we interpret and interact with our reality to outgrow our original programming and societal conformance.

The Path Within BookThe Path Within lifts the veil to discovering the fundamental forces that make us human. Expose the internal narrative and constraining beliefs that control your life. Discover your own path to happiness, harmony and rewarding relationships as an Authentic Sovereign Being.

Change how you interact with the intrinsic forces of the mind that impact your life. Learn to understand the deep rooted belief systems that have interfered with our ability to live in harmony with the Universe.

You are invited to explore personal and spiritual growth beyond therapy and metaphysics. Discover how you are the most essential and most influential participant in the creation of your Universe.


Amazon Review 5 star

“Every day is filled with joy and a certainty about my future. This is a huge change from my old life… it feels wonderful to live like this… I wish everyone could know what this feels like!”

“All I can say to you Anthony, is Thank You…
Thank you for helping me discover my life again.”

“When I came to you last summer, my life was a mess. My relationships weren’t working; I couldn’t get my career going… I felt inadequate, helpless and so unhappy with my life. No matter what I did “right”, I couldn’t steer my life where I wanted it to go.

Less than 6 months later – after doing the Path Within Program with you – my world is a dramatically different place. Using the tools you taught me, I changed the direction of my life… and I LOVE IT!”