Making Decisions That Count

Part of Chapter 27 – Laws of Self-Preservation

Excerpt from the book: The Path Within

Do you find yourself wondering if you’re making the right choices in your life? How do you decide how to proceed without knowing which options are wasted efforts in the long run?Making decisions that count can be difficult when you don’t know what to cheap jerseys focus on. There are so many options; it can be difficult to decide what choices will work out for you in the future. We don’t know the future, so the answer to this question isn’t wholesale jerseys China black and white. But there’s a lot we can do to help us make choices which will support our future outcomes.

We often choose the easiest route forward; we choose easy over difficult. But making choices based on a low level of difficulty leads to boredom and lack of motivation when it comes to taking action and staying focused on our goals along the way. Choosing more complex routes to achieving our goals isn’t motivating either as our mind, given the choice, wants to pursue the most efficient route.

So how do you choose from the many possible routes you can take and not lose your motivation along the way? The china answer is quite simple. Choose options that are either Interesting, Important or Fun. Choices based on interest, importance or the reward of joy remain engaging throughout. They keep wholesale jerseys you highly motivated, focused, challenged and participating regardless of how difficult the execution is.

A few years ago, I was assisting a university student to choose the courses he wanted to invest his time and energy in. He was frustrated that his previous year was marred in procrastination. He had difficulty finishing any task, however small and had no motivation cheap nba jerseys to stay Website on track. His cheap mlb jerseys choices were made difficult by the fact that he wasn’t sure what career he was going to pursue and without a clear image of his future, he became reluctant in his choices. He started selecting courses that sounded easy to complete; some because he already knew the subject matter and others because his friends were taking these courses as well.  He was already predicting another year of unrewarding work that he would find difficult to overcome without motivation to finish the movie Princess Mononoke

When I asked him to highlight the courses which were Important, Interesting or Fun in different coloured highlighters, he was surprised to find a clear overlap in course material. This little exercise helped him choose courses which kept his focus and motivation, even through tough times. As the year progressed, he remained motivated and in the following year he found a niche in the financial industry which had previously been obscure to him. He was able to connect Hakk?mda with his personal reasons for wanting to finish the courses and became so focused on what he wanted it accelerated his progress.

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