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Excerpt from the book:The Path Within

The Path Within is not an instruction manual on best practices or methods by which to live your life. This book leads you through a self-discovery process to help you discover and develop your authentic self within the context of your own unique life.

This book promises to demystify and challenge some of the popular notions of our time. To restore your faith in the Universe as a diverse and benevolent whole that sustains life within its harmony, to understand the origins of the belief systems that enslaved us and to challenge the modern day philosophers who complicate and confuse us by telling us how we should reinterpret our life, thereby making life and happiness more difficult to achieve – as if following a single protocol and lifestyle could ensure happiness.

For starters, you will have the opportunity to observe the world with fresh eyes on a basic level, similar to how a Taoist would see the world. You will learn that most people really don’t care much about you…. yet in a good way! You will also learn that the Universe is not out to sabotage you, nor can you hold it accountable for your wellbeing. The Universe doesn’t owe you and it doesn’t seek you out to harm you. You will even learn that Murphy’s Law is most unlikely to be true and how you choose many of your experiences.

You’ll learn how Home the law of attraction and manifestation really work within a real and logical world.

We will discuss and liberate desire. Not suppress this motivating force that is the single most influential force in evolution and the fuel of life. We will put shame and hell back where they belong, in the obscurity of religion-based fears and control. We will discover why we fear and the true amazing power of our fear mechanism. We will discover that time is not an illusion and that manifestation and the law of attraction, while interesting ideas, are widely des misinterpreted.

We will discuss the origins of anger, fear, depression and anxiety. Not Difusión the symptoms, but the root causes and mind-responses that lead us into these states. Simple and practical knowledge will help you understand and reengineer your own responses and reactions.

Being able to observe behaviours, your own and others’ and understand them through the eyes of an authentic sovereign being, will lead to a sense of well-being, peace and happiness. Ultimately, we are not looking to overcome all fear, but to see it for what it is: part of our predictive warning system, one that attempts to protect us and is most often, thankfully, wrong.

The power of living an authentic life and the freedom that such a life promises will require a change in mindset and an understanding of the reality of the world. Understanding what is real and what is drama.

Life to the Fullest

Do you wonder if you are living life to the fullest? Have you pondered the meaning of life itself, or wondered why we seem trapped in a consumeristic life filled with competition and unhappiness?

Misery and unhappiness are everywhere! Entire industries have sprung from humanity’s unhappiness with life. From eco-adventures and vacations, shiny new gadgets and entertainment, to meditation retreats and weight rooms (or if you prefer, yoga classes), to recreational drugs, sex addictions and the all-too ubiquitous anti-depressant drugs. There seems to be no end to the ingenuity of mankind in finding ways to escapes and fill the alleged void and the daily drudgery of life. But do these escapes make us happy?

The big question remains: What is happiness and, once defined, do we actually want to be happy? Is this your goal? How do we achieve any goal without first defining it? Do we find our own happiness? Do we create it? I believe that we want to feel connected to life itself. I believe we want to live in a relatively autonomous way that allows us freedoms and to transcend the fears and worries that threaten our survival. But do we want to be in a state of glee all the time? I challenge that ?Malditos notion.

We want to feel alive, yes. But this means something completely different than feeling “high on life” all the time. Walking through nature, listening to a brilliant piece of music, building something, creating, nurturing, participating… these cheap jerseys experiences are what feeling alive is all about. Having a purpose, knowing that we significantly contribute to the world, learning, growing, witnessing and being witnessed; these are our souls’ needs. This is when we feel truly alive as we wipe off the sweat and dust at the end of a hard day’s work, looking upon the experience of life: the contributions we made, be it lives we saved, the houses we built, the storms we weathered, or the beauty and art we manifested for others to connect with and admire…

To feel alive, we must feel life, which is fulfillment and growth. The question is how?

How do we find our place in this world? How do we harness our life’s energies and participate in life, without falling into the energy-draining competitive traps set out for us, while still creating the security and attaining the rewards we desire?

The Quest for Happiness

Are we searching for meaning in life, or are we searching for happiness? Or both? Are they mutually exclusive?

I believe the reward of living is felt in the connection. The connection that exists among people, with oneself and with the world around us. I also believe that we measure our experience by how we feel and that feeling is the reward of experience.

There is contentment in the knowledge that we contribute to life around us and from within this contentment we are able to find the desirable feelings we seek. Rewards in life are ultimately a matter of feelings. Why, then, is feeling euphoric not an end goal in itself? Euphoria is a feeling many people escape to when they lose their sense of wellness, but why is this not the route to happiness?

There is a feeling associated with our souls’ growth, without which we lose the ability to define Self. This feeling is the feeling of significance: the sense that we matter, a knowing that we contribute our abilities to the world, the feeling of having a sense of purpose.

Our connection to life, our ability to contribute and the rewards we strive to experience are rooted in the connection, the communication, the sense of togetherness and belonging and the contribution of our unique strengths to life. This gives us our “raison d’être” – our reason for being, our ultimate Soul purpose.

Being Authentic

What is being authentic all about? Aren’t we always already being ourselves?

Authenticity is a question of self-integrity. How we view ourselves in relationship to others. Authenticity is when we can be ourselves without fear of judgment, from others or from ourselves. Being authentic is being able to create genuine agreements with oneself, other people and the Universe. Being genuine requires an ability to connect with reality: with What Is and detaching from the illusion of What Isn’t. Being ourselves does not mean we must be consistent. Being ourselves means we can be what we want to be in any moment including naughty, playful, inquisitive and even wrong! And all this happens while we are continuously exploring our world, having the freedom to make mistakes, to invent and create and to explore our boundaries be they environmental, self-imposed or imparted by our belief systems.

Being truly authentic requires a level of self-reliance that Porters allows us to be independent of the reliance on charity or pity for our well being; being able to be selective with our relationships and the agreements we create within them. When we were much younger, we were constantly pleasing others, catering to their belief systems and judgments in the hope of not being abandoned by our caregivers. This behaviour of pleasing others to get our needs met is That a difficult habit to break, but once we do break the habit we are immensely rewarded.

Giving yourself permission to be authentic allows you to be different from or the same as those around you, whenever you please and in whatever way you desire. Of course, this means being fully aware that others, in their entitled autonomy, may still judge you. Being authentic, therefore, also means that you permit others their judgments, or at least their comparisons to their value systems and beliefs.

This book is about becoming an authentic sovereign being. In many ways you already are authentic and sovereign, in which case this book can highlight areas of your cheap MLB jerseys life where you might further develop your ultimate freedom from fear and judgment.

Authentic Relationships

A major component of happiness is our ability to have rewarding, functional relationships. When we talk about relationship, we often refer to intimate partnership. We concentrate so much on this type of relationship – out of need for validation – that we overlook the other relationships that facilitate our wholeness and sense of wellness.

Of course there are the relationships that are not intimate, such as the relationships between friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and others. We often get lost in maintaining relationships with the many individuals that colour our lives. So lost that we completely overlook the two fundamental components that make this type of relationship even possible: the relationship we have with ourselves and the relationship we have as individuals with the world around us.

The relationship we have with ourselves is greatly influenced by our self-talk, the constant observer/narrator in our head who represents the voices of our parents, teachers, caregivers and idols in their absence.

Re-observing and re-evaluating our behaviours affords us the ability to change what we believe about ourselves and to re-evaluate what we believe about how we ought to behave. Understanding that we have limited time here on earth and releasing the incessant judgments and imposed belief systems gives us the freedom to live new identities; ones that are more becoming of our authentic selves.

Changing the relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our behaviours and the ways our behaviours affect our interactions with the world around us, frees our attention. The attention and energy previously captured by our belief systems and others’ doctrines and control, can now be freed and returned to its rightful owner: You. Being able to dedicate more of your precious time, energy and attention to your passions, causes and personal growth is the key to being happy, contented, truly free and able to follow your path on the journey of life. The Path Within.

Later in the book I describe how unhappiness creeps into our lives and how others, by hijacking our attention, keep our attention focused on our inadequacies, flaws and failures which causes us to stay focused on our unhappiness. In marketing companies this ability to capture our attention, to highlight inadequacies, flaws and failures followed by offering us their antidotes, is known as “driving the want” by “stirring the hurt.”

Re-learning the relationship you have with wholesale NBA jerseys yourself and how you interact with the world around you gives you your power back.

Being the Change

I often speak to people who voice their dismay at the state of the world, the poverty, the abuse, the pain and suffering that so many must endure. They wish there was something they could do about it, to contribute in some significant way. In some cases their expression of powerlessness over the state of the world is their reason for feeling stuck in their own lives.

My response is almost always the same, I respond with questions. Questions about their parents, their spouses, other relationships, especially their children and almost invariably I find that these people are quite willing to help others, far away, but overlook the needs of the people in their immediate environment.

Don’t save the world, save yours.

You have the greatest impact on your local world. Not only are you able to direct your energies more efficiently locally, any energy applied locally always has further reaching effects through propagation. What you do with your immediate relationships causes a significant ripple effect in the direction you intended. The biggest impact you can have on the world is learning and creating peace and harmony in your own life. With that peace and harmony, you can improve the world with every interaction and finally break a long and prolific cycle of which you may have become a part. What your parents did to you, they learned from their parents, who learned the same behaviours from their parents and so on. Children are influenced by their parents, not so much by the parents’ words as by their actions and most especially by their reactions. Changing the way you react to the world around you will encourage your children (and peers, colleagues, etc) to learn with you.

Your children will teach their children, their wholesale NBA jerseys neighbors and their communities. The saying really does work: change the world by changing yourself.

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